By-Law    Presented    Before   The   First   General   Body Meeting    Of    The    First   Alumni   Association  With Modifications  Adopted  There  After

The By-Law

The following is the By-Law of the Navajyothi   College  of  Teacher  Education Alumni   Association, constituted in the year 2002-2003.  The  first Alumni meeting convened on 28th Feb.2004.

Inception Of The College Alumni  Association

The college Alumni Association was constituted on the last working day of the first year of the functioning of the college, 2002-2003.


The Association has been named as The Navajyothi College of Teacher Education Alumni Association.


To enable every student-teacher who emerges out of this college to establish intimate  contact with each other and to convene an yearly meet to present ideas and suggestions  pertained  to  the  keeping  of   the  excellence  of  academic  and organizational  abilities  of  each  member of  the  College  Extended  Family.

Periodicity  Of Meeting

General Body Meeting

The  Last  Saturday  of  the  month  of  February  of   every   academic year is set to      convene the  Annual   Alumni  meet.

  Executive Meeting

The Executive of the Association shall be met on the needed situations by issuing prior notice by the Vice-President, the teacher-in-charge of the Association with the directions from the Ex-officio president.

Venue Of The Meeting

The  college  premises,  unless  otherwise  notified.


The Principal, the Manager, all the faculty members and non-faculty members of the college, irrespective  of  their  continuing  in  the  college, shall be  the Ex-officio  members  of  the Association  by  virtue  of  their  positions.  All  those  student-teachers, who successfully complete the course  of  study  every  year,  shall be inducted into  the  college Alumni Association by receiving an One-time  membership fee of  Rs.350-/ per student.

Executive of the Alumni Association shall comprise:

1.The Principal as the Ex-officio President and also act as the Treasurer of  the Association.

  1. A vice-president elected from among the faculty members.
  2. A secretary elected from among the student-teachers of the college, either former or Present.
  3. A joint secretary elected either from among the former or present students.
  4. All the other faculty  members  of  the  college.
  5. One  member, each  from  every  optional  subject  from  among  the current  academic  year  students.
  6. Five members elected from among the student-teachers previously studied in the college.
  7. One nominee of the Management
  8. One representative from the full time non-faculty members.

 Duties And Functions

The Executive shall  be  the  functional authority to  take  decisions on the expenditure or implementation  of  activities  pertained to the College Alumni Association  and  shall  authorize  the Principal, the Ex-officio President  to  execute the  same.

This By-law is subject to further modifications with needed additions or deletions of rules and regulations, which necessitates year after year for effective functioning  of  the Association , benefitting the college extended family .

Presented and accorded approval from the first Alumni  Meet  on  the  28th of Feb.2004 and adopted modifications on the succeeding  Alumni meets  thereafter.

Periodic  Decisions  Incorporated

I)    Alumni Sponsored Student Awards

The College Alumni Association General body met on  25-2-2006 has decided to institute   Cash Awards @Rs.1500/-each to the following student teachers of the immediate preceding academic year, and shall be distributed on  the day of the yearly Alumni meet.

  1. The Best Stage Art performer
  2. The Best Literary performer
  3. The Best Athlete and
  4. The Top Scorer from the college in the University Examinations.

The Finance to  meet  with  the  Award  Amount is  through  student  contributions @ 50/-each  of every academic year.  The recipients of  the Awards  shall  also be  the  members of  the same  Academic  year group.

Ii) Decisions Taken During The General Body Meeting   On. 24-2-2007

(a)The General Body has decided to conduct classes on New Strategies relevant to the periodically modified school curriculum, utilizing external expertise, to benefit our Student Teacher as well as to provide in-service courses to the teachers of our practicing schools.  In order to share the financial  expenses  along  with  the college  management  to  conduct  such  classes,  it  is  decided  to  expend  an  amount Rs.5000/- from  the  College  Alumni  Fund  every  year.

(b)It  is  also  decided  to  provide  financial  assistance,  limited  to  Rs. 2000/-, each  academic  year, to meet  with  the  education  expenses of select deserving student   teacher of the year.

 Iii) Decisions Taken During The General Body Meeting On. 23-2-2008.

Prepare  an Alumni Data Bank  proforma to be distributed to every participant in the Annual Meet

2)Alumni Fee Receipt shall be given to individual student.

.Iv)  Decisions Taken During The General Body Meeting On. 23-2-2013

1)Enhance the One Time Alumni Membership Fee to Rs.350/-

2)Smt.Rakhi N.K.,College Alumni of  the Year 2010-2011has instituted an award of  Rs.1500 to the overall Top Scorer  in  the  University  Examination from our college.