Co-Curricular activities

Talent Show

navajyothi college

      Efficient teacher is a talented performer and effective communicator. Skilful exposition of hidden talents of each student-teacher is expected so as to develop self concept and to inculcate confidence in each to communicate effectively. Every student-teacher is expected to expose the hidden talents she possesses. Opportunities will be provided to the students every week to expose their talents.

Morning Activities


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Effective oral expression is a hallmark of every successful teacher. To develop this ability, every day half-an hour from 9.30 a.m. is set aside for Extemporization, Authentic Oration, Talent Expositions, Poetry Recitations, Quotable Quotations, Proverbs, a word added to my vocabulary in Malayalam and English, etc. During which student-teachers are expected to talk on relevant topics which will later be opened to discussion, and one student-teacher is expected to recite a poem, either in Malayalam or in English, etc.


അമ്മ മലയാളം

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Language Forum

english forum 

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This is a forum of interested academics and student-teachers to improve their overall language proficiency with special emphasis to Malayalam and English. Strategies shall be adopted for the improvement of different language skills. Seminars, lectures, courses on pronunciation, etc. shall be organized.

Awareness Forum

awareness forum

This shall be an informal association of interested academics and students to conduct intelligent and creative discussions on contemporary aspects, primarily to strengthen the general awareness of the participants and to develop a positive attitude towards acquiring general knowledge. The office bearers of the forum shall be instrumental to organize periodic lectures, seminars, discussions, visits, interviews, etc.