College Allumni Association

The college Alumni Association functioning from the end of the first academic year 2002-2003, the year of establishment of this college is earnestly intended to establish intimate contact with each student teachers both that of the previous years and the present.  The association meets annually on the last Saturday of every February, in order to present to ideas and suggestions pertained to the keeping of the excellence of academic and organizational abilities of each members of the College Extended Family.  The association has also instituted cash award @ Rs. 1,500/- to the Best Performer in Stage Arts, Literary Performance and in Athletics as well as also to the college top scorer in the University examination, and shall be distributed at the Alumni Day function.

Alumni Executive members 2014-15

President Dr.K.Anandan Nair
Vice President Smt.Prasanna V.
Secretary Dhanya M
Joint Secretary Rakhi N.K
Members Aswathy K.H
Ambili M.
Reshma K.
Divia Kanna
Sindhu Sailesh
6 students from the present batch Preeja N.P
Anju Jose
Ansa Alappatt
Priya P.S
Hima Anand
Management Nomiee Rev.Sr.Jaicy John
Non-faculty member Rev.Sr.Agnes Clare

Alumni Activities


  • Top Scorer in University Examination : Sherrin Rajan
  • Best Performer in Stage Arts :           Anu V.S
  • Literary Performance :           Marteena C.Jacob
  • Athletics :           Ambili M.


Alumni used to donate books to the college library