college union

Our College Union election conducted in  the first month of the academic year, on this occasion college union in-charge  announced the date and time of the election, and the post of the members that should be elected, and the duties of each Post should be mentioned.

Election conducted on 10-2-2015 for the various posts with the co-operation of all the teachers and the students. The Election result declared on the same day in front of the students and the teachers. Oath taking conducted on the same day.

                               COLLEGE  UNION  MEMBERS 2014-2015 

      Chair Person                               :       Swaliha C. S   (N.Sc )      


      Vice Chair Person                      :        Brighty Thomas   (S.S)


      U.U.C                                          :        Sruthy  K Pauly   (P.Sc)


     General Secretary                       :         Anju . A   (N.Sc)


     Arts Club Secretary                   :         Pearly M. T  (P.Sc)


     Magazine Editor                         :        Vincy A.P  (M A)


     Sports Secretary                         :         Jain Jose     (N.Sc)


     Social Service Secretary            :          Christy Thomas  (P.Sc)