Teaching Practice


Teaching demonstrations will be done by expert teachers. Criticism classes are to be taken by all the student teachers for which classes will be arranged. Criticism lessons will be observed by the fellow students and the concerned teacher.  Criticism will be based on a scientifically set criteria on different aspects of teaching and teaching skills.  It should be positive, corrective and suggestive.  Good points are to be appreciated as well as defects and draw backs are to be pointed out for correction an effective feed back to the student teacher.  This will be followed be block practice teaching in schools during 3rd semester.

 List of Schools for internship

  1. Vivekodayam Boys’s High School, Thrissur
  2. Vivekodayam Girl’s High School, Thrissur
  3. Holy Family Convent Girl’s High School, Thrissur
  4. Bethlehem Girl’s High School, Thrissur
  5. Government Higher Secondary School, Peechi, Thrissur
  6. Xavier’s High School, Chevoor, Thrissur
  7. Mary’s Girl’s High School, Ollur, Thrissur
  8. Raphels Girl’s High School, Ollur, Thrissur
  9. Sree Sarada Girl’s High School, Puranattukara, Thrissur
  10. Sree Ramakrishna Boy’s High School, Puranattukara, Thrissur
  11. Infant Jesus Girl’s High School, Aranattukara, Thrissur
  12. Aloysius High School, Elthuruth , Thrissur
  13. Government Higher Secondary School, Kandasankadavu , Thrissur
  14. H. of St.Mary’s Girl’s High School Kandasankadavu , Thrissur
  15. Anthony’s High School Puthenpeedika, Thrissur
  16. High School,Arimpur, Thrissur