Psychology Lab

Our College, Navajyothi College of Teacher Education for Women was established in September 2002. This Psychology laboratory was established from the very beginning and was developed under valuable guidance of the Founder Principal Dr.K.Anandan Nair and renowned educationalist Dr.N.Vedamani Manuel.

Psychology lab attempts at standardizing tools and designing theoretical frame work from the traditional knowledge. The laboratory hosts a spectrum of facilities to assess cognition, physical abilities and professional skills using computerized test. The laboratory has shown evidences to bring out the efficacy of cognitive abilities.

The main purposes or objectives of this psychology laboratory:

1. To enable the student to understand the way of conducting psychological experiments.
2. To give practical experiences to B.Ed students teachers in regards to some of the psychological concepts and principles.
3. To enable the B.Ed students to apply scientific method for the solution of Psychological problems in psychological laboratory.
4. To give B.Ed students living experiences in regard to the conducting of psychological experiences in their class room situation in future.
5. To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests during research work.


1. Motor Function
2. Perception
3. Executive Function
4. Attention
5. Intelligence
6. Memory and Creativity
7. Personality Test

Facilities in the Psychology Laboratory
In this psychology laboratory we are now having near about 50 Psychological tests (Verbal and non verbal). They include;

• Personality Inventory
• Projective Techniques
• Creativity Tests
• Social Economic Scale
• Achievement Motivation Test
• Study Habit
• Social Emotional Competency Scale
• Intelligence Scale
• Self Concept Scale
• Attitude Scale

We also have sensation and perception psychological instruments learning and memory equipment s and other equipments like Stop Watch, Metronome etc.