College union

College union will be constituted for every academic year. The principal shall be the exo officio president of the college union and  one member of the teaching faculty nominated by the principal and other facilities shall be  the staff adviser to  the college union All the students of the college shall be the members of the college union. The college union contain eight office bearers and are selected through college union election as per the rules of university of Calicut.Each and every members in the union have their own responsibilities to co-operate and lead in right way in order to fulfil the various curricular and co curricular activities of the college. They assist in planning and development of varieties of cultural, social, recreational and other educational interests of students in the institution. To train the students of the college in the duties rights of citizenship. To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among students. To organise varieties of programs like debate seminar, workshops etc.To promote opportunities for students to organise sports,arts and other cultural activities. Any problems related with students can inform the college authority, discuss and decide to take rational solutions. College union help to uplift our college mission and vision or motto..So union is strength.

Learning outcomes

  • To train the students of the college in the duties responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  • To study and discuss education subjects, subjects of optional and subjects of interest.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, efficiency and spirit of service among students.
  • To develop the qualities for democratic leadership
  • To extend citizenship training among students
  • To organise debate, seminar, discussion and such other activities.
  • Develops interest in facilitating learning and development and enjoys teaching and organising curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To develop democratic and social values among students.
  • To develop the readiness to accept the progressive changes in the field of education.
  • Develop harmony within oneself and with natural and social environment.
  • To encourage sports , arts and other cultural, educational ,social or recreational activities that are incidental and conductive to the above learning outcomes.
  • Help to uplift the mission and vision of our institution through programming and sponsoring activities and events.
  • To develop professional expertise to the student teachers through curriculum related enrichment programs.
  • To emphasize on social upliftment of the educationally backward sessions of the society through the extension programs.
  • Coordinate programs to empower Student-teachers especially women through the development of integrated personality,leadership qualities an professionalism.
  • To orient the student teachers to build self_ confidence, positive attitude and lover for nature


  • To be organisers of the college on formal occasions
  • To assist college management on academic matters
  • To co ordinate cultural, arts and sports fest.
  • Toimplement possible activities to enhance opportunities for students.
  • To realise in week day celebrations, social enlighting programs and other extension activities
  • To review and offer opinion on college policies as requested
  • To organise one fundraiser each year for the smooth functioning of the college union.
  • To hold regular review meeting each termfor peer group evaluation.
  • To organise debates, discussion, seminar and talks on relevant issues by renowned personality.

College union

Chairperson                                      MAITHRI GHOSH SS

Vice-chairperson                                TESLA KA

General secretary                              SANDRA DAVID

Joint secretary                                   FASEELA TP

University union councillor                   SNEHA BOSE

Fine arts secretary                               ANGEL ROSE PJ

The  chief student Editor of the college Magazine ASHITA MA

General captain of sports and games      ANJUMOL ANDREWS

One Second year representative.

STAFF ADVISOR                                  GOPISH A.G.


The offices Chairman through General Captain shall be filled by election by all the students of the college. The offices of class prefects and yearwise representatives shall be filled by election by the students of the particular association or class as the case may be.


There shall be an executive committee for the Union as approved by the University of Calicut


The elections to the College Union shall be held in the college with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor. It shall be held by secret ballot as per the Calicut University election rules in force.


Staff Advisor

The president of the College union (Principal of the College) will nominate Staff Advisor from the members of the teaching staff of the college after consultation with staff council.  The staff advisor will act as the returning officer for the election.


The main duty of the Staff advisor are as follows;-


  1. Advise on the college union activities for the concerned year.
  2. Advise on the students welfare activities.
  3. Help them to attain the objective of the students union
  4. Insist the college union to conduct the Co-curricular activities.
  5. Help to Prepare the Budget and Plan of action for the year.
  6. Give advice on the conduct of Arts, sports and games.
  7. Advise on the D-zone and Inter zone art festival of the University of Calicut.
  8. Advise them to procure fund for the D-zone and Inter-Zone art festival.
  9. Insist them to follow strict rules of the college union activities and help them to keep the Proper accounts and records.
  10. Develop the discipline and morale among the students.
  11. Supervise and give the guidance on over all activities of the college union