Nava @ eTech


Nava @ eTech forum provides opportunities for broadening student’s ICT experience to the education. Early exposure in IT coupled with intensive training, seminars and workshops conducted for teacher trainers to nurture their digital skills to meet the needs of the digital society. The basic concept of the forum is to train trainers to build their confidence levels and to empower them for handle their subjects using ICT as a tool. It also provides IT based training and enable them to handle their subjects using ICT as of digital technology with regular learning processes, increasing the   efficiency of teacher professionals. To become a techno pedagogic teacher.



  1. Integrating ICT into existing educational processes.

  2. Train Teacher trainers for using ICT enabled learning. 

  3. Provide opportunity for using various digital equipment and Apps for Teaching purposes


  1. Increase the interest in teaching and learning with the help of ICT

  2. Transact Pedagogue subject more effectively using ICT tools.

The forum provide opportunities for broadening student’s educational experience in education sector.  Early exposure in IT coupled with intensive training, resources classes, seminars etc. conduct for teacher trainees to nurture their computational skills and to meet the development of a digital society.  Forum also provide training to cultivate IT talents.