Affiliated to the University of Calicut, Recognised by NCTE

Olarikkara, Thrissur, Kerala- 680012, 0487 2363044

Olarikkara, Thrissur, Kerala- 680012, 0487 2363044


Navajyothi Inventive Mentoring System (NIMS)


  • To broaden the skills of student teachers for their personal as well as professional development.

Purpose of NIMS

  • Help to achieve personal, academic and professional goals of the mentee.
  • To provide guidance, encouragement and the skills necessary to succeed in life.
  • To mold the mentee as a strong, well rounded, optimistic and a realistic personality.
  • To monitor the regularity and the discipline of mentee.
  • To provide counseling services for solving the problems of mentee.


NIMS – Main Focus

  • Academic Enhancement (Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Skills) : Appropriate support, encouragement and motivation are to be provided for the academic progress and achievement of mentee.
  • Proficiency Enhancement: Timely encouragements and support are to be provided in accordance with the caliber and capabilities of the mentee.