Affiliated to the University of Calicut, Recognised by NCTE

Olarikkara, Thrissur, Kerala- 680012, 0487 2363044

Olarikkara, Thrissur, Kerala- 680012, 0487 2363044

Social Service

Social Service  is an experiential learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction, participation, learning and community development. This service helps to link the community with the college for mutual benefit. The community will be benefited with the focused contribution of the college students.
social sensibility and responsibility among students and also emerge as a socially responsible institution.

Community Service Project shall be an integral part of the curriculum. To sensitize the students to the living conditions of the people who are around them,
To help students to realize the stark realities of the society.
To bring about an attitudinal change in the students and help them to develop societal consciousness, sensibility, responsibility and accountability
To make students aware of their inner strength and help them to find new solutions to the social problems.
To make students socially responsible citizens who are sensitive to the needs of the disadvantaged sections.
To help students to initiate developmental activities in the community in coordination with public and government authorities.
To develop a holistic life perspective among the students by making them study culture, traditions, habits, lifestyles, resource utilization, wastages and its management, social
problems, public administration system and the roles and responsibilities of different persons across different social systems.



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