Guidance and Placement Cell

The placement cell acts as a liaison officer between the interests and aptitude of the student teachers and the recruiting agencies. An effectively functioning placement cell is a vital part of an educational institution The College provides career guidance and placement services to students every year. The placement cell helps the student teachers in preparing resumes, provides career and technical guidance and knowledge of different pedagogies and  school  related experiences  through organises several work shops , orientations, talks with renowned personalities seminars, skill development programmes, coaching classes to face competitive examinations such as SET, NET, KTET, CTET etc are being conducted in the institution to improve the teaching skills as well as other soft skills of the prospective teachers to meet the  requirements of the recruiters and also reduce the problem of unemployment. In the present scenario, students should be given ample exposure to various activities that help develop personalities. Mere bookish knowledge to be no use in the present world, which is highly competitive with the aim, the placement cell organises varieties of programs, which make students think and act creatively. The placement cell help the students are made to come out successful in facing the challenges of the day.

The guidance cell provides guidance to the students of the college to improve the overall personalities and help them to meet challenges in their life.

                      Expected outcomes

The main learning outcomes of the placement cell include

  • .To create a database of the probable recruiters
  • To enable the students to prepare and update a resume of their own.
  • To act as a liaison unit for plugging the gap between recruiters and the would be teaches.
  • To organise seminar and workshops on teaching skills as well as soft skills.
  • To create and maintain a databank on profile of our students
  • To provide career guidance for students to prepare for competitive examinations
  • To help students to understand the opportunities upon to them and the required input for goal one sets.
  • To keep track of the current status of our ex- students and to record their needs.
  • The placement cell will develop linkages between different schools to organise the campus interviews for recruitment.
  • Acting as a catalyst in reducingunemployment.
  • The guidance cell help the Student-teachers to recognise strengths and weakness
  • To identify and develop students abilities and interest, to solve their personal, educational and psychological problems.


  • The placement cellinteract with students and interviews.
  • Provide vocational guidance and counselling
  • Conductmock interviews.
  • Conduct competitive examinations
  • Prepare students databank.
  • Prepare a list of institutions linked with our institution.
  • Maintain record of students getting job through placement.
  • Display of information related to vacancies in different schools.
  • Conducting preparatory test related to teaching profession at college campus.
  • Communicate with employer furnishing profile of college and particular of students.
  • Guiding students to prepare different competitive examinations like NET,SET,KTET ,CTET etc.
  • Providing up to data information and preparation tips.
  • Follow up regarding professional enrichment after placement.
  • Inform students about various career opportunities and higher studies.
  • Facilitating training for group discussion and personal interview.
  • The institution handle classes on stress management,mind power, time management etc.
  • The cell provides group and individualcounseling services, the sessions are offered

in privacy and strictonfidential.

Students who require psychatric help are referred to practising professional psychatrict and therapist along with their councilling services in college.

                  Functional bodies

Principal,Staffadviser, Librarian, faculty members, office staff,GTApresident,and management representative.