BELADONA “Campus Beautification Project”

The education continues to provide opportunities that positively impact students through its “Beladona” campaign. It was innovative project in our campus. This campaign will elevate the beauty of our campus’s landscape as well as class rooms. 

By initiating activities such as cleaning up areas, planting flowers and trees, and painting in a variety of locations, students’ college experience will be enhanced and unimpaired by lack of cleanliness and attraction. 

Outcome of the Beladona Project

 Productivity increases: clean offices that are well-designed are more likely to produce a good working atmosphere.

Leadership: showed that the level of cleanliness within a building has a direct impact on how well an individual is able to learn

 Promotes hygiene cleanliness:  incredibly important when it comes to cutting down on the spread of diseases in the college and means that staff and students are able to enjoy a comfortable learning environment. It also improves hygiene levels and can help to reduce the spread of sickness.

 Protecting college infrastructure: Electronic equipment, furnishings and other resources are an important part of college infrastructure. Over time, dust, dirt and rubbish can prevent these things from running efficiently.


We welcome students and guests back onto campus.


Viewing to cater discipline, order, punctuality, cleanliness, soidarity, patience, mutula understanding, responsibility and creativity to students a programme called Belladonna is arranged under the super vision of teachers and office staff.

Monthly once the staff in charge, usually 3 in number, of belladonna visit each subject resource rooms and veryfy the clenliness, arrangement of furniture and other items in the class room, matching of the class with their declared theme etc. and will grade each class room.  The grading by the judeges will pooled together and the resource room with highest point will be declared as winner of that month.  A runnuing trophy will be awarded to that resource room students (optional subject students) in the first week of next month.  The trophy will be exibited in the resource room as a token of appreciation for the full month.  This will encourage healthy competition in the students.