Guardian Teacher Association

There should be a guardian Teacher Association to assist the faculty and the management for the well functioning of the college.  The general body of the association shall comprise all the members of the teaching staff, office staff, members from the management committee and guardians of the students of the current academic year.  The executive committee shall be instrumental to promote creative and progressive functioning of the college and to undertake activities to benefit the college community.  The Guardian Teacher Association shall instituted hefty cash awards to the college top scorers in the University examination @ Rs. 2,000/- for the overall top scorer and @ Rs. 1,000/- for each top scorer from every optional group and shall be distributed on the award day of the year.  It also shares Rs. 5,000/- to meet with the part of expenses related to conduct orientation courses to school teachers and specialist’s classes to our students as well as Rs. 12,000/- to buy books to the optional libraries.  An amount of Rs. 5,000/- is set aside for treatment expenses of local poor people and an amount of Rs. 5,000/- to meet with the expenses of very poor pupils of our demonstration school L.F.C.G.H.S.S.

 Executive members of 2021-22
1.        Principal Rev. Sister (Dr.) Gigi Paul, CHF
2.        President
3.        Secretary Sri .Ranjith J.
4.        All other teachers  
  Five members  
5.          Smt.Alice Johnson
6.          Smt.Alphonsa Jose
7.          Smt.vijaya
8.          Sri.Fenny Francis
9.          Sri.Jiju John
10.    Nominee of the Management Sr.Jessin Thresea
11.    Full Time non –teaching Staff Sr.Agnes Clayre


 The following is the by-law of the Navajyothi College of Teacher Education,     Guardian-Teacher Association presented before the Maidan General Body meeting on Tuesday, 12th August.2003, and duly accepted with periodic modifications.


From the beginning of the academic year 2003-2004 and is being functioned from the first General Body meeting on Tuesday, 12th August, 2003.


The Navajyothi College of Teacher Education Guardian-Teacher Association, Olarikkara, Thrissur.


To implement all possible activities, for  the effective functioning of the College as an institution of excellence, for the development of the society and to provide all possible              behind- the curtain help by the Guardians, Teachers and the Management, to impart effective and value-oriented education to the teacher-education students of this college.


The college premises unless otherwise notified.


  1. General Body Meeting

A  minimum of ONE General Body meeting during the first term and not more than THERE within the period of the academic year.  If one third members of the General Body give notice to the principal, he can convene the meeting with one week notice.

  1. Executive Meeting

The meeting of the executive shall be convened whenever it seems necessary, for that the principal shall give notice to all the members of the executive a week prior to the meeting.


The Principal, the Manager and all the Faculty members and other office staff shall be the Ex-Officio members of GTA by virtue of their positions. Guardians shall become the members of the GTA for the particular academic year immediately after their wards are admitted in this college and for that a membership fee of Rs.600/- shall be levied.


The Executive of the GTA shall comprise

  1. The Principal as the Ex-Officio President and also shall act as the Treasurer of the Association
  2. A President elected from among the Guardians present during the first general body meeting.
  3. A Secretary nominated by the Ex-Officio President from among the full time faculty members for every year.
  4. All the other teachers of the College.
  5. Five members elected from among the guardians present during the first general body meeting.
  6. One nominee of the Management and
  7. One representative from the full time non-teaching staff.


The Executive shall be the functional authority to take decisions on expenditure or implementations of activities and shall authorize the principal to execute the same.

This by-law is subject to further modifications with needed additions or deletions of rules and regulations, which necessitates year after year for effective functioning of this college.


  1. Financial assistance is to be provided to students to meet with a part of their educational expenses of the year in the college, who are having financial constraints . The Ex-Officio president is authorised to select the students and decide the amount and distribute it to them without exposing the identity of the receiver to the public.
  1. Expend the amount approved by the Executive Committee to select charity deeds.
  • Institute Cash Awards to the Overall Top-Scorer in the College as well as to all Six Optional

Subject Top Scorers in the University Examination conducted during the preceding academic year.  The amounts sanctioned initially for the purpose are Rs.2000/- for the Overall Top Scorer of the University Examination in the College and-Rs.1000/- each for all the Six Optional Subject Top Scorers in the college.

  1. iv) Set aside an amount of Rs.5000/- to share the expenses incurred for the conduct of courses, workshops, etc. to benefit our Student Teachers and Teachers of our practicing Schools.
  1. v) Share an amount @ Rs.2000/- each, to provide Library books to the six Optional Group severy year.
  1. vi) Expend an amount of Rs.5000/- for medical treatment expenses of very poor people residing locally

vii) Share an amount of Rs.5000/- to meet with the curricular expenses of poor pupils studying in our Demonstration School, LFCGHS, Olarikkara.2